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Haiti’s Tremors Through BMC

Posted February 19, 2010

Impact We had a few contributions of personal stories from students who have close ties to Haiti. A main concern when the news first broke was, of course, what the impact was; how many were affected? Who? Checking on friends and family became the first priority. But it can be hard to completely grasp the […]

Identity and Its Impact on Service

Posted October 9, 2009

The conversation incorporated four dimensions of identity that seem salient in service work, as broken down by one of the facilitators: race, class, religion and gender and sexuality.

Honoring Our History: Assuring Our Survival

Posted December 2, 2008

Diversity Conversation Oct. 24, 2008 A constant theme of the past two diversity conversations was the idea of multicultural history on Bryn Mawr campus, especially of the affinity groups: what current students can take from the past in terms of membership, conflicts, and collaboration. This week’s conversation gave particularly deep insight into this history as […]

Leadership In and For a Diverse World

Posted December 2, 2008

Diversity Conversation 10-3-08 This week’s discussion began with some word association: What does diversity mean to you? Difference, inherently. Excellence, potentially. Uniqueness, collaboration, understanding, celebration, barriers, and transformation. What do you associate with leadership? Self-reflection. A role model. Vision, honesty, humility, respect. Action: accountability and responsibility. A listener, a mediator, a collaborator, a learner. Informed, […]

Lessons on Civic Engagement and Diversity–Starting with THIS side of the fence

Posted November 27, 2007

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