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Leadership In and For a Diverse World

Posted December 2, 2008

Diversity Conversation 10-3-08 This week’s discussion began with some word association: What does diversity mean to you? Difference, inherently. Excellence, potentially. Uniqueness, collaboration, understanding, celebration, barriers, and transformation. What do you associate with leadership? Self-reflection. A role model. Vision, honesty, humility, respect. Action: accountability and responsibility. A listener, a mediator, a collaborator, a learner. Informed, […]

Music, Authenticity and Appropriation

Posted February 29, 2008

Do you have a right to sing the blues? Is appropriation with attribution OK, or is it still using someone else’s property/culture/history? About 15 of us discussed these issues today (2/29/08), and our exploration was guided by Prof. Michael Tratner, Shayna Israel ’08 and Nikki Lopez ’10. Some of the additional issues we grappled with […]

Lessons on Civic Engagement and Diversity–Starting with THIS side of the fence

Posted November 27, 2007

Join us online to share your thoughts!

Beyond Nuclear:Family Diversity at Bryn Mawr College

Posted November 16, 2007

Our gathering for this conversation was small, but how diverse were our experiences around a-typical families! Our discussion ranged from thinking about a new name for Parents’ Weekend (How about Friends and Family Weekend?) to very personal accounts of frustration, pride and laughter around non-normative family situations.

Who Gets to Say What’s Funny?

Posted October 29, 2007

Welcome to the Diversity Conversations group blog. We’ll start with the most recent Conversation, Friday, October 26th. We met to examine Who Gets to Say What’s Funny: Humor, Satire and Living in a Diverse Community. While the Conversation was extremely fruitful, one hour was not enough–as it rarely is when we discuss important topics. We […]

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