Diversity Conversations

Honoring Our History: Assuring Our Survival

Diversity Conversation Oct. 24, 2008 A constant theme of the past two diversity conversations was the idea of multicultural history on Bryn Mawr campus, especially of the affinity groups: what current students can take from the past in terms of membership, conflicts, and collaboration. This week’s conversation gave particularly deep insight into this history as […]

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Leadership In and For a Diverse World

Diversity Conversation 10-3-08 This week’s discussion began with some word association: What does diversity mean to you? Difference, inherently. Excellence, potentially. Uniqueness, collaboration, understanding, celebration, barriers, and transformation. What do you associate with leadership? Self-reflection. A role model. Vision, honesty, humility, respect. Action: accountability and responsibility. A listener, a mediator, a collaborator, a learner. Informed, […]

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Music, Authenticity and Appropriation

Do you have a right to sing the blues? Is appropriation with attribution OK, or is it still using someone else’s property/culture/history? About 15 of us discussed these issues today (2/29/08), and our exploration was guided by Prof. Michael Tratner, Shayna Israel ’08 and Nikki Lopez ’10. Some of the additional issues we grappled with […]

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Lessons on Civic Engagement and Diversity–Starting with THIS side of the fence

Join us online to share your thoughts!

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Beyond Nuclear:Family Diversity at Bryn Mawr College

Our gathering for this conversation was small, but how diverse were our experiences around a-typical families! Our discussion ranged from thinking about a new name for Parents’ Weekend (How about Friends and Family Weekend?) to very personal accounts of frustration, pride and laughter around non-normative family situations.

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